Dice-Bag - iPhone and Web App

With this project, I fully designed and developed an app to release to the iOS App Store. This was a personal project to expand my skills and knowledge base, as I wanted to gain experience in the mobile app lifecycle. In starting this project, I wanted to choose functionality that was simple and easy to implement, so I decided on a dice-rolling app.

I designed the app's interface to be as simple as possible. Through buttons located at the top of the bar, the user is able to choose which type of die to roll (4-sided, 6-sided, 12-sided, etc) and how many dice to roll at once. They can then roll the dice by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen. Once I had the app's design fleshed out in a paper prototype, I developed the app using mobile jQuery and Adobe's PhoneGap Build. After testing, I released a mobile version and a web version, and also created supplemental items such as a support website. The app was published and released on the Apple App Store for all devices, and the web version is here.

Dice-Bag splash screen Dice-Bag menu drop-downs rolling multiple 10-sided dice rolling multiple 20-sided dice